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I promise to put all my expertise at your service to improve your life in all areas. My holistic approach will enable you to act on all your everyday worries but also to direct you towards the goals you wish to attain.

As a specialist of personal development, I’ll accompany you in all you do and teach you original and innovative methods to make your life what you want it to be.

  • Would you like to obtain more self-confidence?

  • Would you like to have more self-assurance?

  • Would you like to reveal your potential?

Trust me and I’ll prove that my competences can also become yours.


James is a very sensitive person with extraordinary empathy. Since he was a child, he can feel others profoundly and connects to their energies to feel their state and their problems.

It’s therefore quite naturally that he trained in methods in the area of energies like the reiki and he’s also specialized in sophrology, meditation, the fend-shui, the tai-chi-chuan, the qui-gong and other methods that make him a coach of life, an extraordinary multidisciplinary practician.

Whether it be for channeling energies, managing stress, calming anxiety, getting ready for an important meeting, being guided during important projects or quite simply to feel better, it’s James you need!

His abilities in the area of energies, his experience and his know-how are worth gold and it’s therefore quite naturally that he decided to dedicate himself to others. His wisdom and his grand empathy have led him to give back to life all he received from it.

It’s by gratitude and altruism that he decided to look after those who wish for adapted professional help, a coach of quality.